The Eureka-Machine – The key to the Energy Future from Dr. V.V. Marukhin


(engl.) The most efficient machine in the world. Once successfully started, it continues to run and draws its energy from an inexhaustible energy reservoir.

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Autor: Adolf and Inge Schneider
SFr. 25.00/ EUR 19.80 – Jupiter Publishing House, 978-3-906571-33-1, brochure, 199 p. colored pictures, A5, 1. Engl Edition

In contrast to the “Eureka Machine” by the artist Jean Tinguely, it does not have to be permanently supplied with electrical power, but it runs, once triggered, always and draws its energy from an inexhaustible energy reservoir! It is the most efficient energy machine in the world!

The inventor of the revolutionary machine, V.V. Marukhin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, has developed a novel energy utilization concept based on a comprehensive theoretical analysis of hydraulic vibration processes using nonlinear pressure pulsations, which has been in use and commercialized for more than 10 years. The latest version is available as a tube made of high-strength thick-walled steel 80 cm high and 20 cm in diameter and delivers a power of 1000 kW (1 MW). The authors explain in this book the fascinating history of this invention. It is based on the development of the hydraulic ram. The first autonomous plants in the power range of 100 kW were tested in 2003 in the Mediterranean. The actual market introduction took place in the following years with devices of 500 kW and a size of 7.5 height and 2.5 m diameter. Since 2009, high-pressure systems have been available for a capacity of 1 MW, which is only one-tenth of the previous size. The authors were in Moscow together with several entrepreneurs in July 2016 and were informed directly by the inventor about the basics of these new systems and their production. They have been granted a license to manufacture such power plants and will be marketing them from 2018 within their own companies and cooperating partner companies.

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